Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

Das EVA-Prinzip

– frei interpretiert* –

1. E wie Eingabe
(ein Stapel CDs und DVDs)

2. V wie Verarbeitung
(ein Aktenvernichter)

3. A wie Ausgabe
(ein Beutel "Wertstoffe")

* Das EVA-Prinzip ist nicht mit dem Eva-Prinzip zu verwechseln.

Donnerstag, 9. Dezember 2010

Me and The … Posters II — Winter Wonderland at Timpanogos Cave

So here is the second poster of my poster series. More of them may follow, but given the fact that I have to generate the respective panoramas first and that this will take a lot of both time and motivation, I don't want to promise anything.

Picture Number Two was taken close to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument (which, unfortunately, was closed that time of year), on my 2009 Christmas hiking tour with Amir and Katrin (miss you, guys …):

Yes, that's right, it is also the picture that was subject of my (more or less serious) panorama tutorial. I downsampled it a little, made some corrections (probably I've overdone it, this time), and, once more, added both a caption and a copyright notice.

Here it is:

Dimensions and resolution are the same as in Poster Number One, namely:
  • Pixel dimensions: 8858 × 5905 px²
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Printout dimensions: 75 × 50 cm² (29.5 × 19.7 in²)
However, the download size is a little bigger, at 11.1 MB.

Hope you like it, good night!

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Me and The … Posters I — Dead Horse Point State Park

Having finally created a Dropbox account and in this way being enabled to share any files without restrictions with you (well, almost without restrictions, I guess), I decided to put up some posters here (at least two of them). The pictures themselves might not be new to you, but you haven't seen them in full resolution, so far (or otherwise I would really have to worry about the security of my hard drive data).

The first picture of my little series was taken in February 2010 at Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah:

You might remember it from this earlier blog post. However, I rebuilt the panorama, corrected some errors, and added both a caption and a copyright notice. Please note that the picture above is only a preview. You will find the download link to the full-resolution version below. If—for whatever reason—the link below should not work and you want to get the poster anyway, just leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

So here it is, voilà:

Some technical details:
  • Pixel dimensions: 8858 × 5905 px²
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Printout dimensions: 75 × 50 cm² (29.5 × 19.7 in²)
  • Download size: 9.58 MB
Feel free to do whatever you like with it—print it, have it printed, give it away for Christmas, adore it, ignore it—as long as you respect the Creative Commons license.

Good night everybody!